G Suite for Education and G Suite Enterprise for Education (GSEfE) are now Google Workspace for Education

What that means and how Workspace for Education is different

GSEfE is no more. After careful consideration, the wise minds at Google have decided to restructure GSEfE. Now behold: Google Workspace for Education.

So, what exactly is Google Workspace for Education? Essentially, it’s the old G Suite you know and love, taken apart, and reorganized. This re-make, so to speak, adds several new and innovative features. Why? To better meet your education technology needs.

Made to Fit Your Needs

Originally, GSEfE was an all-in (relatively expensive) tool that customers had to purchase if they wanted to utilize the latest security updates and newest Google Meet features. From a G Suite perspective, it enabled deeper reporting and more usability. However, Google noticed schools were wasting money on licensing because they didn’t use most of the available features. In essence, administrators were paying for features they didn’t need. That, or schools had to buy extra licenses due to the pricing model.

To fix these problems, GSEfE was broken down into several different levels, allowing schools to purchase only the tools and features they deem nessicary. This simplified the process of navigating Google Workspace for Education while also helping to increase schools spending efficiencies. Think of the new Google Workspace for Education as an “only pay for what you need” product.

How Workspace for Education Works

As mentioned earlier, there are several different levels to Google Workspace for Education. Specifically, there are four distinct tiers:

• Google Workspace for Education Fundamentals
• Google Workspace for Education Standard
• Teaching and Learning Upgrade
• Google Workspace for Education Plus

Google Workspace for Education Fundamentals is the free version. Just like when it was G Suite, you can log in and have access to the basic tools you know and love. If you’re just looking for docs, sheets, slides, etc. this is the option for you.

Google Workspace for Education Standard is the first tier on the paid level. Upgrade to be able to protect your school and community with access to enhanced features. Standard enables admin console rights, analytics tools, and advanced reporting. This version gives you the opportunity to deep dive into what faculty and students are using. It provides much more visibility into how tools are being used and makes administration easier. Pricing is per user on a contractual basis.

Teaching and Learning Upgrade is the second tier on the paid level. It gives teachers access to originality reports and other classroom focused features. You’ll find more tools to drive academic integration with Google Education features, and it works seamlessly with Chrome. The Teaching and Learning Upgrade is great for a case-by-case basis as it’s more useful for some subjects (english, history) and less applicable to others (math, etc.). The flexibility afforded in this upgrade allows you to add on or take off licenses whenever you want. Pricing is per license and works on a monthly subscription model.

Google Workspace for Education Plus is the final tier on the paid level. It’s equivalent to what GSEfE was. If you’re happy with what you have now, this is the package for you. Plus gives you absolutely everything (the Teaching and Learning plus Standard upgrades are embedded in this tier). If you think all of your teachers are going to be using the features in teaching and learning, then purchase workspace plus. Pricing is per user on a contractual basis.

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