Defying the Odd’s of Interactive Panels

Teaching a classroom full of active minds has never been easier.

Where the end goal of educators is to ensure results, they turn directly to technology that helps lead the way.

Advancements within technology have made been to ensure students are engaged throughout every hour of the school day while being able to enter a world of creative learning far beyond traditional learning styles.

Newline Interactive, a display panel manufacturer out of Plano, TX has paved the way for educators to fuel collaboration and keep students on track all through intuitive software, interactive innovations, and next level user experiences.

How does Newline Interactive standout from the crowd?

As the go-to interactive panel manufacturer, Newline can offer your classroom the tools needed to respond the same way devices do.

Where making writing and touch seamless for all users, Newline has become the hub for all devices to work together simultaneously.

Newline’s TruTouch series has taken over writing and touch for displays by offering up to 20 touch points and object recognition technology, allowing users to pinpoint their next move through an easy-to-use platform. The reasoning behind Newline’s intuitive interface is for every user to take their passion and create it through simple instruction.

Is there software committed to 1:1 device program’s?

The answer is yes!

Newline continuously improves upon their free in-house software by the name of IdeaMax.

IdeaMax is focused on “simple, efficient note taking.”

The user interface provides an easy to use icon centric display saving you time in class.

IdeaMax offers a media upload feature where you can easily annotate anything over a screen including imported and exported media.

Newline also offers a third party software from Qwizdom named “Oktopus”, the perfect solution for 1:1 programs.

Oktopus creates live collaborative lessons using 70+ subject specific teaching tools, and polling questions that are compatible with Android, iOS, and Windows operating systems.

Oktopus is known for its interactive whiteboard interface where users are free to illustrate and collaborate through blank canvas.

Users are also encourage to create modules from existing lesson plans, and choose from over 90 educational games, all designed for touchscreens.

Can files be shared directly from a Newline display panel?

Quickly save, export, or email all from one button.

Newline has made it easy through a cloud storage data base for users to import and export files either from a laptop or display.

This command can all be done through TruTouch File Commander, where all local files are easily accessible through one dedicated navigation system.

Devices wirelessly cast directly to a Newline display panel.

In the evolving world of technology the last thing we want to happen is wires interfering with our casting experiences.

TruCast ensures effortless sharing of presentations with a wider audience.

Cast directly from a TruTouch to any laptop, tablet, or smart phone.

All that’s needed is a wireless connection.

More than enough perks to choose from!

A handful of added benefits of on-boarding Newline opens up a multitude of doors within your technological realm.

Newline Interactive has you setup with a wall mount included at no additional cost, no need to shop around. If a wall mount isn’t your cup of tea, there is a mobile stand available to give your display freedom from being always stuck to the wall.

Along with a free wall mount, Newline also has both of their software’s available free of charge with unlimited customization.