How to Use Temperature Scanners in K-12 Classrooms

Temperature scanners can enable you to reopen your classroom safely and effectively.

The pandemic has made virtual schooling the norm in 2021. However, for many schools, temperature scanners are a way of getting back to how things were before. A fever is one of the main signs that someone might have COVID-19. Temperature scanners are a great way to determine whether your students have a fever, but your teachers and other employees must know how to use these devices. You need to have the right strategic objective and plan when implementing these devices inside your school. If you do that, you will decrease the chance of having a coronavirus outbreak inside your walls.

General Temperature Detection at the Entrance

The most important thing you can do is to temperature scan every student when they enter the school. This should be done in the morning as well as before they leave. Checking them in the morning makes sure no one comes to school with a fever, but checking them in the afternoon helps you see if any students developed a fever while they were at school.

Temperature Detection for Each Class

While temperature scanners are effective when done at the front gate, you should also scan each student at every class. This will ensure that you can maintain control over the student population and figure out where an outbreak started. By doing things this way, you are increasing your chance of not having any outbreaks. You are also increasing your chance of catching any outbreaks before they can even begin. It might seem like a lot of work, but it is worth it in the end. This diligence ensures you can deliver education to your students safely. It is also a great strategy for helping your students feel more comfortable in the classroom. Many of them will be apprehensive, and this frequent testing might reassure them.

Giving Your Teachers Effective Training

The temperature scanners are only as good as the training you give to your teachers. They must get exceptional training on using the scanners. You should train them about positioning the scanners and where on the students they need to scan. Each manufacturer has its own guidelines, and your teachers need to be experts on these guidelines to ensure that they get the best results. Temperature scanners make it so you can have in-person classes again, which will be a lot better for your students. MicroK12 works with companies like Intel, Microsoft, and HP Inc. to help you bring technology solutions to your classroom.