Top 3 Health Technologies You Can Use to Prepare for In-Person Learning in 2021

Health Technologies Ensure a Safe Return to School in 2021

With COVID-19 vaccines, more K-12 schools are choosing to reinstate in-person learning. While districts are taking different approaches to reopening, most plan to move away from distance learning by the fall of 2021. These three health technologies remain essential to ensure a safe return to K-12 in-person learning.

Contact-Less Thermometers

Those who contract COVID-19 will frequently have a fever as one of the initial symptoms of the illness. Checking one's temperature at home should be done daily, but high traffic areas such as schools should invest in a wall-mounted contact-less thermometer. Students stand 2-4 inches from the thermometer's sensor and receive a reading of their body temperature in seconds. Some models also include an alarm should students or staff have a high temperature, allowing for quick identification of potential COVID-19 cases.

Coronavirus Testing

While many find comfort in the growing availability of vaccines, frequent testing remains important. Some school districts mandate that a random sample of students and staff be tested weekly in order to measure the local rate of infection. As it is believed that fully vaccinated individuals can still transmit the virus, frequent testing and tracing remain a key tool in the mitigation toolbox. Records of such testing can be kept on tablets, iPads or other portable devices.

Telehealth Services

During the pandemic, hospitals looked to new ways to serve a growing community of patients, particularly those in rural areas. Schools, also, might benefit from the adoption of telehealth services when they reopen. A single nurse can attend to the need of students in multiple schools without risking contagion. Students can also be seen quicker and more efficiently.

Of course, the coronavirus is still with us for now. In fact, new variants appeared late last year and continue to spread. If schools are to reopen, they must take measures to keep their students safe in a still uncertain social environment. These health technologies will ensure a safe transition to the classroom. MicroK12 is here to help you set up students for hybrid learning success, having partnered with HP Inc., Intel, Microsoft, and many other companies


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