Tripp Lite SRWBAXISCPLR cable tray accessory

Axis Coupler for Wire Mesh Cable Trays
Versatile Axis Coupler Helps You Create Custom Cable Management Schemes The SmartRack® SRWBAXISCPLR is a black powder-coated metal axis coupler that comes with an M6 flange nut and M6 x 20 carriage bolt for easy installation with your wire mesh cable tray. Not only is it the ideal coupler for creating angles in your cable tray connections, allowing you to aim your cable routing in any direction you like, it also helps you secure the cable tray to the ceiling of your server room or data center (with the use of an M6 threaded rod, not included).
Typical Application ● Organize a wire mesh cable tray system with intersecting sections along the wall or floor of your network closet ● Suspend a wire mesh cable tray system from the ceiling of your data cente Introduction Bullets ● Connects wire mesh cable tray sections at an angle along your data center’s floor or wall ● Accommodates an M6 threaded rod to help secure your cable tray to the ceiling ● Allows you more flexibility in routing custom cable management applications ● Made from resilient black powder-coated metal designed to last System Requirements SRWB sectional pieces to bind ogether Package Includes ● Axis coupler ● M6 flange nut ● M6 x 20 carriage bolt ● Installation guide
Product colourBlack
Weight & dimensions
Weight3.17 oz (90 g)
Width2.32" (58.9 mm)
Length1.73" (4.39 cm)
Height2.33" (59.1 mm)
Packaging content
Weight 0.1984
EAN 0037332248169
Manufacturer Tripp Lite