Tripp Lite SRWBHDCPLR cable tray accessory

Strengthening Bar Kit for Wire Mesh Cable Trays
High-Resiliency Strengthening Bar Helps You Create Custom Cable Management Schemes The SmartRack® SRWBHDCPLR includes a black powder-coated metal strengthening bar and three couplers, each with an M6 flange nut and M6 x 20 carriage bolt for easy installation with your wire mesh cable tray. This kit allows you to connect two straight sections of cable tray to extend your cable management application along the wall, floor or ceiling of your data center, network closet or industrial space. It is also ideal for creating reductions. The SRWBHDCPLR is compatible with 6-, 12- and 18-inch wire mesh cable trays. For best practice, connecting the tray sections at the bottom with an extra coupler (sold separately) is recommended.
Typical Application ● Extend a wire mesh cable tray system along the wall, floor or ceiling of your data center ● Strengthen your wire mesh cable tray to provide stability for your cable bundle Introduction Bullets ● Joins 2 straight sections or creates reductions in your wire mesh cable tray ● Allows you more flexibility in routing custom cable management applications ● Includes 3 couplers, each with a mounting nut and bolt for quick installation System Requirements SRWB sectional pieces Package Includes ● Strengthening bar ● (3) Couplers ● (3) M6 flange nuts ● (3) M6 x 20 carriage bolts ● Installation guide
Product colourBlack
Weight & dimensions
Weight5.29 oz (150 g)
Package weight7.05 oz (200 g)
Width9.58" (243.3 mm)
Length0.118" (3 mm)
Height0.709" (18 mm)
Packaging content
Weight 0.4409
EAN 0037332240378
Manufacturer Tripp Lite