Wireless classrooms made easy

The way we work has changed.

Through movement, Ergotron eliminates constraints and transforms sedentary classroom environments into active spaces that inspire creativity and long-term results.

The broadest portfolio for the perfect fit, Sit-Stand Workstations

Encouraging active workstyles that benefit employers and employees with improved comfort, flexibility and collaboration.

Every body and every workspace is different.

With the widest selection of styles, sizes and accessories, Ergotron’s WorkFit family of sit-stand solutions helps employees find their best fit. The ability to easily go from sitting to standing and back again allows employees to choose how they work to reclaim the energy they need to feel and perform at their best.

Take your teaching on the move

TeachWell™ Mobile Digital Workspace

Break away from your desk or podium with the TeachWell Mobile Digital Workspace.

This compact hub stores all your technology on a height-adjustable platform that lets you choose how you instruct today’s learners.

Move from desk to desk or quiet corners to drive engagement and collaboration.


Inclusivity is everything in the modern classroom. Airtame supports a multiple-platform environment where students and teachers can present from any device or OS

The Fastest Charge For Your Tablets And Laptops

Ergotron's embed their patented PowerShuttle technology within our charging carts and cabinets to quickly, efficiently and safely charge your devices.

That means less charging cords and most importantly, fewer interruptions. A PowerShuttle cart or cabinet charges up to 40% faster than our competitors’ round-robin charging systems. No outlet switching. No timer adjustment.

Monitor and manage your Airtames without any fuss

Airtame Cloud allows you to remotely manage all of your devices from anywhere in the world. You'll create an organization account that you can invite other admins to. Once created, you simply add each Airtame to the organization account

Control the digital signage of your devices

Get a visual preview of the digital signage currently showing on your devices. This can be completely deactivated or disabled per device. A stream is never captured or shared


LearnFit family of height-adjustable, mobile desks allows students, teachers and colleagues to break free from constraints that hinder creativity and success

Kinetic environments drive collaboration across the entire school to support 21st century learning.

From supporting greater focus to building flexible classroom spaces to contributing to positive academic performance.

LearnFit creates personalized learning experiences that set the foundation for a lifetime of well-being.

LearnFit SE Sit-Stand Desk. Moving more positively impacts student health, classroom engagement and academic performance.

LearnFit mobile desks let students choose how they learn best—sitting or standing— with the flexibility to create unique formations that inspire creativity and collaboration.

Move and Improve with Standing Desks.

Students can adjust the height of this standing desk themselves.

Interactive Learning Software Solutions

Tailored to the Evolving Classroom

Educators have thousands of innovative ideas for bringing their subject to life for students—and they need technology that can keep pace with their creativity. Clear Touchs integrated software suite gives teachers and students all the tools they’ll ever need, right at their fingertips.

Powerful interactive lesson building tools

Easily create engaging interactive lessons, activities, and games with a variety of pre-built lesson tools..

Zone-splitting for Tabletop Mode

Create unique content specifically for a panel in tabletop mode or pull up multiple lessons or activities on a single panel.

Unlimited Space, Unlimited Canvases

There are no boundaries to what you can do with infinite whiteboard canvas.

Open All Media Type

Videos, pictures, flash games, notes, and more—all of these media types can be woven together into your lessons.
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