White Glove

MicroK12 has been the premier computer and audio-visual solutions provider for schools and education for nearly 40 years. By specializing in K-12, we are better able to service our customers with knowledgeable staff and a focused product line.

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Chromebook Enrollment

Committed to improving classroom outcomes

MicroK12 takes pride in doing business the right way. After nearly 40 years of working with educators, we've learned a thing or two about delivering quality serviced products.

Tailored services to meet your needs

We understand that every district is unique, and that principle drives our service philosophy. Each order is tailored to meet your individual needs and specifications. Whether it's 10 Chromebooks or 10,000, our multi-stage enrollment process has built in fail safes to guarantee your devices arrive as expected.


Order Processing Made Easy

We Do All of the Heavy Lifting and Paperwork

Work with a dedicated MicroK12 Sales Rep to iron out every detail and identify all the services you need.

Can't Decide on a Device?

Interested in trying out a new product? Reach out to your rep and request a demo unit or see product comparisons between different manufacturers.

Streamlined Process

Order processing and collection of material is streamlined to assist in an easy deployment to your school. We customize to fit your needs


Customized Delivery

Green Delivery

Ditch the hassle of dealing with packaging and plastic. Your devices are delivered in reusable bins.

Cart Delivery

Have devices sent in fully wired carts and experience a true plug-and-play deployment.

Boxed Delivery

Utilize our boxed delivery option to take control of your deployment and better manage your rollout.


Asset Tagging

Track your devices

Track your devices wherever they go and record vital information

We can provide asset tags, or we can use yours!

We offer the option to create custom tags or apply the ones you already use

Asset tags serve multiple purposes

Use Asset tags to catalog check-outs, warranties, serial numbers, and device specs


Customize your devices with text, logos, and images

Our state-of-the-art engraving machines deliver unmatched quality and detail.

Why engrave?

While asset tags provide an easy way to identify a device, they are vulnerable to wear and can be removed by unscrupulous individuals.

Laser engraving provides extra security, deterring theft, and allows for easy identification and recovery of lost devices.

What is Laser Engraving?

A high-power beam physically removes a layer of material from the device, leaving it permanently etched. Think of it as a tattoo but for computers!


Cart Configuration

We're in the business of making your life easier

Let MicroK12 handle cart configuration. Choose the option to have carts fully wired and leave the hassle of messy cords behind.

Need 12 Chromebooks per cart? 24?

No sweat! We load your devices to ensure a pain-free deployment experience. Our team of experienced warehouse technicians will configure your carts to your direct specifications.