Boost student success with a mobile-first learning environment.

Learning in a mobile-first digtial environnent

Digital learning boosts student achievement and is vital to the modernization of school curriculums and long-term success of educators. The next-generation wireless classroom lets everyone thrive when they use Wi-Fi-enabled devices and apps that create a richer learning experience

Digital learning in primary education

It’s evident that today’s #GenMobile students are showing up in classrooms knowing more about technology than previous generations. They’ve grown up tech-savvy and prefer to do everything on mobile devices

The optimized digital classroom

Classrooms are changing. We are seeing the impact of the Digital Revolution. Learning environments are now preparing students for their future work environments. Classrooms are shifting away from rows of desks, to an environment that promotes collaboration between students, teachers and learning devices. It’s what we call the Optimized Digital Classroom

Building a robust wi-fi infrastructure

Constructing an intelligent Wi-Fi infrastructure

Providing a mobile-first experience ensures that the studentshave anytime/anywhere access for uninterrupted learning; whether it’s on a school-issued device or a student’s own personal device.

Constructing an intelligent wired infrastructure

A robust Wi-Fi deployment starts with a wired infrastructure. Connectivity is only as good as its foundation – and not every device is built to transmit at the same speed. Be sure your wired infrastructure can adapt to various Wi-Fi use cases.

Power through every project

Quickly launch apps, support fast web browsing, and efficiently manage battery life with the AMD A4-9120C processor, 4GB memory, and eMMC storage up to 32GB.7,14. Spend more time learning and less time charging with HP Fast Charge

Deploy a wired network capable of supporting multi-gigabit capacity

To mobilize your wired network, it’s important to avoid creating bottlenecks to your access switches

It’s also important to anticipate how you’ll modernize and support network and IP services as hundreds more mobile devices wirelessly connect at every school, without having to upgrade your wired infrastructure at every turn

Deploy a flexible wireless network with investment protection

When choosing to invest in a WLAN infrastructure, schools need to make smart financial decisions. Select a networking solution that can accommodate growth and change, without having to rip and replace

Needs within a school can quickly change, as 1:1 and BYOD initiatives are enacted.

The network must be able to adapt. A rigid WLAN that is cheap to buy could end up breaking the bank if it can’t adapt. Aruba offers controllerless and controller-managed Wi-Fi with public cloud, private cloud and on-premises management

Engage with students and keep them safe

Students are tech savvy. And as they become older, it is rare to find one who does not own a smart phone/device

Student-owned devices can be leveraged to engage them for non-academic use cases such as indoor wayfinding and location tracking. As improving campus security becomes front and center, engaging with students on their smart devices can help improve campus safety

Secure inside and out

Get optimal security with a driver-free dock that has no internal flash memory, and can be physically locked down with a lock slot and your choice of locks

Aruba Beacons can provide school systems a complete solution for mobile engagement for the campus

Beacons placed across campuses find registered mobile devices and allow for students to interact with customized wayfinding applications.

Keeps Teachers and Students Achieving

The total learning tool

Its sleek, compact design boasts a front-facing webcam, making it easier for students to capture photos, watch videos or collaborate on projects. Plus, the devices come equipped with anti-glare displays helping to reduce eye strain throughout the day.

Classroom compatible

G Suite for Education and students can now collaborate, share docs, and easily stay connected with teachers and classmates. Plus, all that information can be quickly accessed in the cloud anytime, anywhere. And thanks to Google Classroom, teachers can enjoy endless organizational options all year long.

Experience simple, convenient connectivity

Work with your most frequently-used devices with VGA, HDMI, and DisplayPort™. Connect your USB accessories right at the display with two USB 3.0 ports

Lenovo Offerings & Services

Chrome Education license

Chrome Education license enables IT administrators to manage a few or a fleet of Chrome devices within a centralized, easy and intuitive software interface. Lenovo makes it easy to acquire as an OEM authorized distributor of Commercial Chrome Education license

Warranty upgrades – onsite and next business day

Maximize PC uptime and productivity by providing convenient, fast, repair service at your organization.

Windows Ink workspacey

Now, users always know what a digital pen can do when they bring it close to the screen or tap a button.

G Suite for Education

Easy access to Google’s G Suite family of apps keeps everything under one roof and free of software licensing fees. Simple cloud management and 24/7 support make Chromebooks easily scalable to any size classrooms, bigger or small.

Cutting Edge Technology

Lenovo VR Classroom 2

The Lenovo VR2 is transforming immersive education by making it easier than ever to get started and keep your students in sync.

Empower Your School

Lenovo empowers teachers and administrators to easily integrate virtual reality lessons and field trips into their curriculum, leading to inspiration and meaningful learning outcomes.

Seamless Integration

The new VR Classroom 2 is a complete solution for teaching with VR, providing a seamless combination of hardware, content, device management, training, and support designed specifically for middle schools and high schools.
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