Jamboard for K-12 Education

Learn Better, with AVer Solutions

As a global leader in education technology, AVer offers schools the flexibility to create customized teaching and learning solutions

By mixing and matching from a wide range of first-rate classroom technology. From their industry-leading visualizers to our easy-to-use PTZ cameras for distance studies, AVer provides the latest and best in classroom equipment to enrich learning. Take educating one step further by making your class an AVer class

Enable teachers and students to instantly stream vivid images of any object

combine the best teaching applications of digital cameras, video cameras, overhead projectors and magnifiers into a straightforward, compact device, and AVer's years of experience and position as a leading visualizer manufacturer

AVer recognizes and embraces the rapid upsurge of tablets and 1:1 learning schemes in classrooms around the world.

The one-of-a-kind, 100% wireless AVer visualizer allows teachers and students to stream live images of real objects to any Android™ or Windows® tablet from anywhere in the classroom.

The next generation of 4K interactive flat panels is here

Reshaping the future of education with seamless collaboration

Classroom devices are able to interact directly with the panel across all platforms and share content wirelessly without any app or add-on hardware installation

Wireless classroom experience

Through the OKTOPUS software, teachers are able to easily create lesson plans integrating different classroom technology

Flawless picture quality

4K Ultra HD provides amazing clarity that keeps students engaged no matter where they are seated in the classroom. Smooth anti-glare tempered glass keep the screen scratch, shadow, and reflection free

Wireless visualizer & 1-1 Learning

All AVer products are engineered with a ‘one-step operation’ concept in mind

Direct video/audio recording, auto focus, auto image, image capturing, PC/camera mode switch and much more are all accessible with a simple click of a button

Revolutionary technology

AVer is on the cutting-edge of visualizer (document camera) technology, and blazing new frontiers that often leave its competitors in the dust. With amazing industry firsts for portable visualizers (document cameras), like onboard annotation, 5-megapixel camera sensors and one-touch recording to a USB flash drive or SDHC card, it’s hard to imagine what great advancement AVer has in store right around the corner.

Efficient charging made simple

Managing classroom devices can be challenging and time consuming, especially if you’re teaching a large class.

The great news is that AVer addressed those concerns in their charging solutions. Understanding the challenges teachers may face with day-to-day device care, AVer has developed versatile designs and key features to meet every teachers’ needs

Solid, Secure, Sleek Design

Big or small footprint, the charging carts and cabinets are designed to be compact and safe for optimal device storage

Easy cable management system

Say goodbye to clutter with our individual AC adapter compartments. Every device slot is paired with an individual compartment for organized cable storage
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