Jamboard for K-12 Education

Jamboard for K-12 Education

Elevate Collaborative Education

Whether you're working together in a group seminar setting or looking to make distance learning more engaging

Visible, Accessible Learning

Jamboard is an engagin, natural feeling interactive canvas for students to express themselves at school

Make Real World Connections

Bring a whole world of web into brainstorms with Google Search or invite outside contributors and experts to coauthor work with students using the free Jamboard app

Portable and Quick Setup

It's easy to move between classrooms or study spaces, with just a single cable for power. Everything else is wireless, so you can start jamming right away

Interactive Flat Panels

BenQ’s Interactive Flat Panels (IFP) are optimized to have the friendliest user interface and classroom-ready solutions to support schools by bringing a truly healthy and collaborative learning experience into their classrooms.

  • Sizing
    • 65”, 75”, and 86” to fit the needs of every room on campus
  • Healthy Learning Environment
    • Germ Resistant screens
    • CO2 Air Quality Sensors
    • Smart Eye Care solutions with tempered anti-glare, flicker-free, and low blue light surface
  • Account management system (AMS) 
    • Personalized settings and files that follow teachers to change from class to class using NFC technology
  • Multimedia broadcast system (X-sign broadcast)
    • Broadcast scheduled and on-demand videos and text announcements to any BenQBoard in a matter of seconds
  • Device Management System (DMS)
    • Monitor, control and manage apps remotely

Dustproof Laser Projectors

BenQ is the leading global DLP education projector brand

Offering you the best interactive classroom solutions for building a dynamic learning environment.

  • IP5X certified sealed engine and filter free design eliminates cleaning and replacement costs
  • 20,000 hours of operating life
  • DLP Technology that delivers stunning color that will never yellow or fade
  • Energy efficient power usage keeps energy costs low

InstaShow Wireless Presentation System

With the InstaShow Wireless Presentation System’s app-free design, you can have your presentation ready to go in 15 seconds, eliminating embarrassing delays and reducing downtime all at once.

  • Series Options: WDC10, WDC10C, InstaShow S WDC20
  • True Plug-and-Play Wireless Presentation Solution
  • No Software Installation and Execution
  • Chromebook, Windows & MAC OS Support
  • Blu-Ray Player & Camera HDMI Support
  • Trustworthy Security Protection with AES 128-bit security encryption and WPA2 authentication protocol
  • Extended Desktop Support
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