K-12 Blended Education

When it comes to a new norm of blended learning, education technology has to be a key component of this plan. BenQ offers a range of future-proof display combination solutions for blended learning classrooms, allowing the teacher to ensure in-class and remote students’ feedback and reactions and have students to interact with each other online.

Hybrid makes learning limitless

Equipping classrooms with solutions like interactive displays, cloud whiteboards, and video conferencing tools opens up new opportunities for learning.

Uninterrupted Schools

Improve educational resilience with solutions designed for both in-person classrooms and distance learning.
Engaged Minds

Equip graduates with essential 21st century skills through interactive learning solutions that increase student engagement.
Healthy Classrooms

BenQ Boards​ come with health-centric technologies that make engagement in the classroom safe for everyone.

Interactive displays for education

Transform every classroom into a healthy learning space that maximizes student engagement and enables impactful lessons.

BenQ’s Interactive Flat Panels (IFP) are optimized to have the friendliest user interface and classroom-ready solutions to support schools by bringing a truly healthy and collaborative learning experience into their classrooms.

  • Sizing
    • 65”, 75”, and 86” to fit the needs of every room on campus
  • Healthy Learning Environment
    • Germ Resistant screens
    • CO2 Air Quality Sensors
    • Smart Eye Care solutions with tempered anti-glare, flicker-free, and low blue light surface
  • Account management system (AMS) 
    • Personalized settings and files that follow teachers to change from class to class using NFC technology
  • Multimedia broadcast system (X-sign broadcast)
    • Broadcast scheduled and on-demand videos and text announcements to any BenQBoard in a matter of seconds
  • Device Management System (DMS)
    • Monitor, control and manage apps remotely

Increase involvement - Make lessons more dynamic for students to improve learning retention.

More effective lessons

Give impactful lessons every time using EZWrite, a powerful and intuitive whiteboard packed with educational features. Double teaching efficiency by using the whiteboard and supporting content from the internet or the cloud side-by-side*.

Increased participation

Increase student engagement by making participation fun. Let the class wirelessly cast their screens using InstaShare, play learning games on Kahoot!, and enable groups to interact on the BenQ Board with multi-touch recognition.

Better distance learning

Easily switch to online learning when needed using the EZWrite cloud whiteboard with Google Classroom integration. Designed for uninterrupted education, BenQ Boards​ are compatible with all leading video conferencing software.

Smart Displays

Striking audiovisual experiences in class or on campus

On Campus

In Class

Experience reliable content playback with stunning 4K image quality and crisp audio.
Whether it’s for a slideshow or a documentary, ST series displays are perfect for classes that require presenting or playing audiovisual content.
Post Instantly

Easily create, post, or schedule content for multiple displays
Use Anywhere

Ergonomic design for flexible mounting and installation
Manage Remotely

Set power schedules and monitor device status

Projectors for Education

BenQ DLP projectors with advanced dustproof technology create a long-lasting clear projection that maximizes student engagement.
Picture Quality that Lasts
BenQ Education Projectors maintain perfect long-term picture quality by its industrial-grade DLP technology to eliminate color decay.

Miss Nothing with Sharp Details
BenQ DLP projectors feature class-leading high fill factor, minimizing black borders around each pixel to eliminate the dreaded “screen door effect", producing superior definition and clarity in small-size text and fine details.

Best Projection, Best Outcomes
BenQ is capable of color management and color fine-tuning out of various light sources. BenQ can offer optimal color performance.

Inspire with Well-Tuned Colors
With amazing color reproduction brought about by experts, teachers and students will enjoy a clearer, more lifelike visual experience with different color modes.

Dustproof Laser Projectors

BenQ is the leading global DLP education projector brand

Offering you the best interactive classroom solutions for building a dynamic learning environment.

  • IP5X certified sealed engine and filter free design eliminates cleaning and replacement costs
  • 20,000 hours of operating life
  • DLP Technology that delivers stunning color that will never yellow or fade
  • Energy efficient power usage keeps energy costs low

InstaShow Wireless Presentation System

With the InstaShow Wireless Presentation System’s app-free design, you can have your presentation ready to go in 15 seconds, eliminating embarrassing delays and reducing downtime all at once.


  • Series Options: WDC10, WDC10C, InstaShow S WDC20
  • True Plug-and-Play Wireless Presentation Solution
  • No Software Installation and Execution
  • Chromebook, Windows & MAC OS Support
  • Blu-Ray Player & Camera HDMI Support
  • Trustworthy Security Protection with AES 128-bit security encryption and WPA2 authentication protocol
  • Extended Desktop Support
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