Document cameras are essential for every classroom,
especially with the rise of online learning.

Learn about why ELMO is important for your school.

Visual Learning You Can Trust

ELMO’s 30-year reputation for excellent document cameras comes from our dedication to high-quality, innovative products. Our long-lasting, versatile machines have earned the trust of nine out of the nation’s 10 largest school districts. With high resolution outputs, unmatched zoom capability and an ability to adapt to all learning environments, ELMO is the perfect addition to every K-12 classroom.

A Camera for Any Classroom

ELMO understands that not every classroom is the same, so we carefully crafted a wide range of document cameras to meet educational and budgetary requirements. With portable, wireless, and Android-powered options, you’ll always be able to find a camera that brings the classroom experience to the next level. Use an ELMO in any classroom, whether the subject is STEM, language arts, or even physical education.

Increase Engagement & Understanding

Adding an ELMO to your school’s classrooms will provide endless educational opportunities for both teachers and students. ELMO document cameras are great for step-by-step art tutorials, putting the “show” back in show and tell, or even interacting with an augmented reality model of the solar system. With an ELMO document camera you’ll never be limited again!

Reduce Stress & Prep Time

Each ELMO comes with free access to software that allows you to annotate, compare, highlight, or even record lessons; a hassle-free way to get lessons to absent or remote students without having to conduct extra classes.

Advanced immersive learning made easy

Collaborate & present without limitations. Use any device to share documents with the screen
Engage and enable students to share content and ideas using Clevershare. Clevershare is designed to work with any device, allowing students to screen share and cast content and annotate no matter what platform you use (including iOS, Android, Windows and ChromeBuilt in collaboration toolsSimple to share content at the end of a lesson.

You can instantly save files to your cloud accounts, including Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive. Email out notes from lessons with the in-built email functionality. Students can scan the on-screen QR code to have screenshots delivered direct to their personal devices.
Apps for the classroom

Improve communication using your Clevertouch

Now you can show more than just date and time on your touchscreen when it’s not in use. Clevertouch launched the world’s first 24/7 dynamic messaging and digital signage system for Pro Series and Plus Series panels

Your Clevertouch panel will become central to your organisation delivering key messages and has the ability to power up and off at your selected times

Designed in conjunction with SedaoLive, CleverMessage maximises your Clevertouch screen by displaying important alerts, announcements, daily messages, promotional communications, and eye-catching digital media

A new learning perspective

DC100 Wireless Document Camerae

The Clear Touch® document camera extends the educational capabilities of Clear Touch panels, making it the perfect addition to your teaching toolbox.

Create a More Engaging Classroom

Bright LED lights and a multidimensional neck help you bring any presentation into clear focus. When you can share course material or visual aids with your entire class and avoid unnecessary disruptions, it makes it easier to present complex material with incredible clarity.

Wireless capabilities for expanded teaching potential

Wireless capabilities enable flexible placement around the room, and a built-in microphone ensures clear audio capture so you can stream and record demonstrations as needed.

Simple, seamless integration

The document camera includes Clear Touch Canvas™ for Windows. This powerful software enables you to open all media types directly on your Clear Touch® panels, which means you can easily integrate your document camera presentations directly into your lesson plans.

Interactive Learning Software Solutions

Tailored to the Evolving Classroom

Educators have thousands of innovative ideas for bringing their subject to life for students—and they need technology that can keep pace with their creativity. Clear Touchs integrated software suite gives teachers and students all the tools they’ll ever need, right at their fingertips.

Powerful interactive lesson building tools

Easily create engaging interactive lessons, activities, and games with a variety of pre-built lesson tools..

Zone-splitting for Tabletop Mode

Create unique content specifically for a panel in tabletop mode or pull up multiple lessons or activities on a single panel.

Unlimited Space, Unlimited Canvases

There are no boundaries to what you can do with infinite whiteboard canvas.

Open All Media Type

Videos, pictures, flash games, notes, and more—all of these media types can be woven together into your lessons.
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