Experience the interactive display that’s built for breakthroughs

Learning, transformed

The all-new ActivPanel 9 - Learning, transformed

This next generation interactive panel delivers Promethean’s most robust, seamless, and secure user experience yet, offering features that respond to the unique needs of teachers, IT administrators, and school leaders.

With its easy authentication and secure sign-in options, streamlined connection to your content, flexible lesson delivery systems, and myriad ways to personalize the user experience, the ActivPanel 9 offers everything you need to revolutionize how you teach and transform how students learn:

  • Save and open files quickly and easily between your panel and your device
  • Navigate your panel with an intuitive remote so you can move around the classroom freely
  • Work seamlessly with educational platforms like Google Classroom and Microsoft Teams
  • Access your content and customizations from any ActivPanel 9 with your roaming profile
  • Connect your device directly to the panel with one cable for your audio, video, and data

The ActivPanel 9 gives you market-leading:

Enhanced security protects your personal data

  • Multiple sign-in options
  • Sign out remotely
  • Panel management

Connectivity The Only Interactive Panel With ActivSync Technology

  • Connect devices to the panel without Wi-Fi
  • Intuitive remote
  • Roaming profile

Simplicity Easy to use, so you can focus on teaching

  • Customized menu and personalized profile
  • Simple sign-in
  • Screen record and screen share

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Promethean Distance Learning Bundle

Bring Remote Learners into the Classroom

Our Distance Learning Bundle connects remote learners to the classroom experience by giving them a clear view of their teacher and the interactive panel, allowing them to be more fully engaged participants in the lesson

Utilize any Conferencing App that works best with your Team

Connect to students at home using any conferencing app: compatible with Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, and Google Hangouts

Easy to set up

You can get up and running in three easy steps: Mount the webcam on the tripod, Connect to a laptop with the extension cable, and then Log in to your favorite conferencing app!

Award-Winning Lesson Delivery Software

Deliver engaging, interactive lessons using your choice of Promethean’s award-winning educational software solutions

Award-winning ActivInspire® is an intuitive way to create and deliver lessons that are interactive, engaging, and geared for breakthrough moments.

Make every lesson an experience

Set the timer, spin the wheel. Leverage tried-and-true activities and robust creation tools that make content more immersive. ActivInspire was created to help every student grasp concepts, solve problems, and apply learning—having fun along the way.

The cloud-based lesson delivery software that provides advanced collaboration tools with anytime, anywhere access.

ActivInspire quickly becomes a natural extension of your own teaching style. Master the interface in minutes. Seamlessly leverage and enhance existing content and resources. Respond to student insights in real time. Runs on any major operating system. We’ll make sure you’re always in command.

Empower remote learners to achieve more with award-winning ClassFlow’s extensive toolkit. Create and deliver dynamic lessons that keep students engaged.

Capture and reward attention with Classflow®
Increase student engagement with instant polls, activities, and assessments sent to student devices. Quickly build quizzes to gauge student progress. Reward achievement with badges. And keep things energized with educational games.

Connect and collaboratefrom anywhere

Invite students with a unique link, no account required. Connect safely and securely across devices, platforms, and locations. Easily import content from other sources. Integrate seamlessly with GoogleDrive, OneDrive, and Dropbox.

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