How to Set Up K-12 Students for Hybrid Learning Success in 2021

What to Do with Hybrid Learning for K-12 Students

Hybrid learning is becoming an ever-increasing part of modern school curriculums. The pandemic has made distance learning necessary, leading to many challenges for schools and other organizations. These organizations must find a way to make hybrid learning successful for students. Schools will need to do more to ensure that their students get the best education possible, although they cannot be in their classrooms. It is a lot more difficult to deliver an excellent education at a distance since you cannot gauge how students respond to what you are saying. You also cannot guarantee that they will pay attention or retain the material. On top of that, it is almost impossible to deliver certain lab courses at a distance.

What Is Hybrid Learning?

Hybrid learning is essentially using various tools to deliver education to your students remotely. For example, you could use a combination of video, applications, and project-based learning. This way of learning ensures that students are actively engaged, and they have multiple ways of learning the material. It makes things a lot less complicated, which is a crucial part of helping students retain information without being there with them.

Providing the Right Equipment

The most important thing in this environment is access to good computer hardware. There are many HP Inc. laptops that students can be given to facilitate the conditions needed for distance learning. Many students won't have the resources to pay for the devices themselves, and it is incumbent on the school to provide these resources. It is also crucial to provide them laptops with modern Microsoft Windows 10 software and the latest Intel processors. These will deliver outstanding performance, and they will make the students less frustrated when dealing with the hardware.

Provide the Right Software Tools

Software is also a crucial part of the process. The school system has to develop new software to deliver the education materials in multiple ways. This means creating new multimedia training material and software solutions for performing certain tests. As you do that, it will make it much better for the students.

Combining effective hardware and software solutions will deliver the environment students need for hybrid learning success in 2021.

MicroK12 partners with Intel, Microsoft, and HP Inc. to provide you with the tools you need for successful hybrid learning.