Networking Solutions

Is your network ready? MicroK12 Network Services include all aspects of network design and security.

Tackle Your District Networking Needs

Networking Solutions

Is your network ready? MicroK12 Network Services include all aspects of network design and configuration. We can help with a network consultation to assess any overall network design issues, security vulnerabilities, and potential configuration changes that will help increase the capacity and performance of the network.

A wireless network audit will provide heatmaps to visually show your network capacity, coverage, throughput, and resilience. The information from the Wireless Audit can be used to determine where additional coverage or capacity is needed, develop a channel plan to minimize co-channel interference, optimize network traffic, and give baseline performance data on the wireless network.


Is your network safe? MicroK12 can help ensure the security of devices through industry leading endpoint protection and content filtering. MicroK12 focuses on Cloud-based systems that allow devices to be protected and traffic to be filtered to ensure CIPA compliance for both on premise and remote learning scenarios.

E Rate specialists

Are you utilizing all available funding? The E-rate program provides significant resources for maintaining, upgrading, and expanding the network infrastructure.

MicroK12 is focused exclusively on the K12 environment and has E-rate expertise that can help explain each step of the process as well as explain exactly what equipment and services are eligible in the network. MicroK12 is fully compliant with all USAC rules and regulations and can provide all the necessary information to allow schools to maximize technology budgets.


MicroK12 partners with industry leaders to build high-performance data center solutions. Each solution is customized to meet the unique requirements of each environment. MicroK12 can work with you to optimize and consolidate your computing resources via virtualization and converged infrastructure. MicroK12 has the expertise to provide solutions that will ease migration to a cloud or hybrid cloud model.

Managed services

Do you have the resources to manage your network? MicroK12 can provide full network management services that can allow school resources and staff to be used more efficiently. The combination of proactive network support and monitoring with network lifecycle management will ensure that your network remains stable and maintains optimal performance today and in the future. Levels of managed services can be customized from full managed network solutions to managing a single firewall device.

Support services

MicroK12 has a support team of certified engineers to help with virtually any technology issue. The expertise and experience of our engineering team can be leveraged to assist with troubleshooting, network design and implementation, network optimization, and can even be set up as temporary support for larger projects.

Support is flexible enough to fit any situation and can be customized to provide exactly the level of help required. MicroK12 ProServices are here to support your staff and provide access to the specialized knowledge and experience of our engineers when you need it.

Our trusted partners

Our trusted partners

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